Lancaster's master of the macabre.

You know those things that go bump in the night? Well they're real. They're out there, hiding in the shadows of your normal, everyday life.
There are vampires running comic book stores, werewolves employed as zoo-keepers and many, many more creatures from your nightmares hidden in plain sight.
You may not realise it, but they're watching every move that you make and they are waiting.

Walk this way and enter the dark world of author A.S.Chambers.


Preorder on Kickstarter

Due for release in November, Sam Spallucci: Bloodline will launch on Kickstarter on the 4th October.
With varied rewards for all tastes (including seeing yourself brutally murdered be a werewolf), this will be an ideal way to preorder this, the sixth outing for Lancaster's paranormal investigator.
Click on the link to receive notification of the project's launch.

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